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OV chipkaart (chipcard)

All public transportation in the Netherlands is with a plastic OV chipkaart (OV is Dutch for ‘Openbaar Vervoer’ and means ‘Public Transportation’. The chipcard is often automatic recharged when it’s under a certain limit. It’s also possible to set a pre-loaded fund on your chipcard.

Day ticket Amsterdam

If you are just a couple of days in Amsterdam then your best buy is probably a paper day ticket. You can buy this day ticket in the public transportation office at the Central Station Square, from ticket vending machines and in some salespoints. Two bookstore chains (Primera and AKO) also sell paper day tickets for public transportation. If you don’t want to use a ticket vending machine at the station then you can walk to the public transportation office at Central Station square. The office is open 7 days a week. Sometimes it can be busy. Prices for a day ticket starts with €7.50 for 24 hours. The day ticket provides unlimited travel with the bus, metro or tram in Amsterdam’s city centre. A ticket for 48 hours cost €12,50 72 hours is €17 and 96 hours is €21.50. You check in/out by holding the chipcard in front of an chipcard reader.

Train travel

With the day ticket you can’t travel by train to another Dutch city. You have to buy a train ticket from the ticket vending machine in the railway station or to buy an e-ticket. E-tickets for domestic travel must be printed on paper. In Amsterdam Central Station and Rotterdam are ticket barriers where you check in or out.

OV card reader
The picture above shows a OV-card reader. The train stations in small cities and villages don’t have ticket barriers but just a single OV chipkaart reader on the platform. When you leave the tram, metro or bus don’t forget to check-out otherwise you pay too much money.

Amsterdam Tourist Guide

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