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Real estate in the Netherlands

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Real estate prices in Amsterdam

Some price examples from houses in Amsterdam in June 2009:
Cheap one-room apartment 35m2 in the suburbs – €103.000
Cheap two-room apartment 40m2 in the suburbs – €116.000
Parkingplace with lift in downtown Amsterdam – €125.000
Cheap familyhouse with garden in the suburbs 70m2 – €175.000
Average apartment in Amsterdam – €270.000
Average familyhouse with garden – €405.000.
Canalhouses from €500.000 – 5.250.000 (23 rooms)

Highest real estate prices

There are 4 municipalities in the Netherlands with an average house price of more than €500.000(2007):
– Blaricum (€700.000+)
– Bloemendaal(€700.000+)
– Wassenaar
– Laren
The average house price in the Netherlands is €245.000. In North Netherlands houses are the cheapest. In Delfzijl was the average house price €142.000 (in 2009).

Homeownership Guarantee Fund (NHG)

If someone can not pay longer his mortgage (unemployment, disability, divorce), repayment to the lender is guaranteed. The Homeownership Guarantee Fund pays the residual debt to the lender if the sale of the house would be lower than the mortgage. To participate in this fund the mortgage may not be higher than €265.000. Allmost half of all mortgages in the Netherlands are financed by NHG.

House owners

The union of house owners is: Vereniging Eigen Huis (


The union of realtors is: Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars (
Many realtors are member of this union.